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Dark Magician
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Region TCG
Game Type Advanced
Banlist 2017-11-06
Posted 2018-01-26 (6 months ago)
Tags Dark Magician, Spellbook
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Dark Magician
Dark Magician is a beatdown control deck, swarming the field with 2500 beaters and using their very presence in combination with other cards to remove your opponent’s cards from the field.
Card Choices
I would rather have Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring instead of Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Effect Veiler, but they’re expensive. I might’ve also replaced Drowning Mirror Force with a third Ash Blossom, but for now I run Drowning in case someone is able to blow up my board by destroying my Eternal Soul.
The main theme of the deck is to keep reviving Dark Magician every turn in order to trigger Dark Magical Circle’s banishing effect. That’s the main source of removal and disruption in the deck. Eternal Soul is also key in that it protects Dark Magicians from card effects. Magician Navigation is used for both fast-summoning and protecting Eternal Soul by banishing Navigation from the Graveyard while you control a Dark Magician in order to negate a Spell/Trap of your opponent’s that turn. One combo is to use Navigation to Special Summon Dark Magician from the hand, then Special Summon Apprentice Illusion Magician from the deck to activate her on-summon effect, adding yet another Dark Magician to the hand. Then activate Eternal Soul on a new chain to summon another Dark Magician to the Field and protect them both. Also, having Apprentice on the field allows your Dark Spellcasters to be protected from attacks because your opponent knows that they might be attacking into 4500 attack by sending her to the Graveyard in order to boost Dark Magician’s ATK by 2000. So she’ll almost always be the target of your opponent’s attacks, therefore, it’s better to use her effect offensively, tributing her to boost your Dark Magician before attacking. There are a lot of ways to send Dark Magician to the graveyard in order to revive him either on your same turn or your opponent’s next turn, triggering Circle. You can Link summon your Link Spider and then revive DM. You can tribute him as the cost to activate Spellbook of Knowledge and then revive him, thus losing nothing and turning Knowledge into a Pot of Greed in this deck. Then there’s Illusion Magic, which can tribute the first Dark Magician you summoned in order to add two more to your hand, which may just be what you need in order to make Navigation live. Then revive him with Soul either this turn or your opponent’s turn, depending on which turn you want to use to activate Navigation. Magician of Dark Illusion functions as a Dark Magician on the field, so his summon triggers Circle too. He Special Summons himself from the hand when you activate a Spell/Trap during your opponent’s turn, outside the damage step, and he revives a Dark Magician from the Graveyard, which is helpful when you don’t have an Eternal Soul out yet, but you do have Circle. There are also some cards in here for the occasional time you’re in a specific situation and happen to have the card. Dark Renewal is in here because occasionally you may have an opening hand with Magician’s Rod, which is a great Normal Summon that searches your combo pieces like Circle, Navigation, and Soul. If you open with Rod and happen to have Dark Renewal, you can activate Renewal on your opponent’s first turn after they use their Normal Summon, sending both your Spellcaster and their monster to the Graveyard and then you get to Special Summon a Dark Magician or other Dark Spellcaster from the deck on their first turn. Dark Renewal is also a good way to send Dark Magician to the Graveyard late-game for another chance to revive him with Eternal Soul, while also removing a monster from your opponent’s board. Disruption cards include Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Effect Veiler, Maxx “C”, Solemn Strike, Solemn Warning, and Drowning Mirror Force. Drawing is fueled by Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of Knowledge, and Pot of Duality. Dark Magic Inheritance searches combo pieces, and can also be used to thin the deck by 1. Search for Inheritance using Rod, then use Inheritance to search the combo piece you need. Dark Magic Attack is a Harpie’s Feather Duster searchable by Eternal Soul and others.Ebon Illusion Magician provides a banishing effect without Circle, every time you attack with a Normal Spellcaster, once per turn. The rest of the Extra Deck is only in here for specific situations.
Win Condition
The best thing to do with Dark Magician is to play The Eye of Timaeus and tribute him to summon Dark Magician the Dragon Knight, triggering Dark Magical Circle to banish, because DM the Dragon Knight is considered a Dark Magician on the Field and in the Graveyard. Then you can revive the tributed DM with Eternal Soul during the Standby Phase of your opponent’s next turn to get another banish before your opponent can do anything. And the best part is that both monsters get protected from card effects by Eternal Soul, and then DM the Dragon Knight protects your Spells and Traps from destruction or card effects that target while he is out, creating a lock against either of them being destroyed or being affected by card effects. Although, DM the Dragon Knight can still be attacked over, if your opponent gets out anything over 3000 ATK, and Eternal Soul is susceptible to banishing effects that do not target.
Eternal Soul is the biggest weakness, blowing up your board when it is destroyed. The simplest way to deal with that is by keeping a Magician Navigation in the Graveyard as often as possible, whether that’s by pitching it with Apprentice Illusion Magician or by using it. You can also use Solemn Strike or Warning, Ghost Ogre, or Effect Veiler. The ideal way to protect Eternal Soul is with Dark Magician the Dragon Knight, but summoning him is more difficult than it should be. You have to use The Eye of Timaeus, because that’s the most efficient way, but Timaeus isn’t searchable by the searchers in the deck, meaning it must be drawn, which is why so much draw power is included. You could run three and then sub Pot of Desires in for the two Pot of Dualities. That makes drawing it far more likely, but it may brick. Again, pitch it with Apprentice Illusion.
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