Editing and Deleting a Deck
Once you have uploaded your own decks, you may want to edit various parts of it as you test and find better cards. Or you may find that you no longer want the deck on YGOHub and delete it permanently. Here's how:

Navigating to the Deck Editor

To edit one of your decks, click 'Decks' in the navigation bar, then click 'My Decks' to access all of your decks. You must be logged in and have registered your account to do this.

Use the navigation to find the deck that you wish to edit or delete. Click the deck to navigate to the deck page.

Editing/Deleting Your Deck

On either the top section or left section (depending on your browser) you will find two links at the bottom of the container. The first is 'Edit Deck' and the second is 'Delete Deck.' Click the corresponding link to go to the correct prompt.

Deleting a Deck

To delete a deck you only have to click 'Delete Deck' and then 'Yes' to the confirmation prompt. Please note once you delete your deck it cannot be recovered and everything associated with the deck will disappear.

Editing a Deck

To edit a deck you must click 'Edit Deck.' You will be taken to a page very similar to the deck builder. Here you can edit the contents of your deck. Please note you cannot change the banlist, region, or format of a deck. If you have any questions about how to use this deck editor please refer to the section on 'Building a Deck' as the deck editor functions identically to the deck builder.