Using the Deck Builder
The deck builder is the main feature of YGOHub so knowing how to use it is very important! This document will provide basic information on how to use the deck builder to upload your decks for all to see!

Navigating to the Deck Builder

To build a deck, click the 'Decks' tab in the navigation bar and then click 'Build a Deck.' You must be logged in and have registered your account to do this.

The first section (located on the left or top depending on your browser) is the Deck Fields section, this is where you will specify information about your deck.

Selecting Deck Format

The first thing to do is select your Deck Format. This helps the deck builder check the legality of your deck and ensure you are following the banlist you intend to!

The first field is your region and this selection determines your options for the next two fields. For example, the TCG region has a traditional format while the OCG does not.

The second field, as mentioned before, is Format. The standard card game follows the Advanced format but there are special formats with different rules! And finally there is the banlist to choose. The current banlist will be default but you may choose any banlist you like!

Other Deck Fields

Now that you have specified your format you move on to Deck Information.

The first field is Deck Name. Name your deck carefully and clearly. Do not add an obnoxious name (e.x. FROG MONARCHS EXTREME!!!!!!!!!) as a moderator will delete your deck without warning. Make your name descriptive and concise (e.x. Frog Monarch Control). This helps others find your deck when searching.

Then choose a cover card, this is simply an aesthetic choice. Choose a card that represents your deck.

Then it's time to add tags to your deck. Tags help others find your deck when searching and let users know what to expect from your deck. You can have up to 5 tags.

Then we have some optional flags. First you can make your deck private so only you can see it. Then we have the 'Flag for Help' option. Flagging your deck for help lets others know you want suggestions for your deck and lets users know the deck is not a finished product. You can only have 1 flagged deck at a time (if you flag a new deck while you still have an already flagged deck, the old flag will be removed). And finally we have the ability to make your deck Unlisted. Unlisted decks do not appear on searches but you can share the link with others for them to view it.

Building Your Deck

Now for the meat of deck building, actually building your deck. The deck allows you to create your deck completely on the site as easily and efficiently as possible.

To access your deck locations use the tabs to switch between them. The only special location is the Maybe Deck! This is included to allow you to store cards you are considering in your deck. You can have a maximum of 15 cards in your maybe deck. The other locations limitations are dependent on the format chosen.

Adding Cards to Deck

There are 2 ways to add cards to your deck.

The first is by using the quick-add tool underneath the deck location container. Here you simply select the card you want to add and the quantity of the card and then click add. The card will automatically be added to your currently opened deck location.

The second way is to simply add it directly to the location container yourself! The format is as follows:

• Every line represents a single card
• The first word must be the quantity of the card followed by x. So if you run 3 copies you must write "3x"
• Then a space follows the quantity
• Then you write the card name exactly.

Please note excess spaces and unexpected characters might cause the card to not be recognized. If this is a problem, use the quick add tool.

Also to remove a card, simply delete the line from the location container.

Deck Description

Finally you can add a deck description, this allows you to explain your choices or what you are having problems with. It is highly recommended that you add a description.

Submitting Your Deck

Once you are happy with your deck, click the submit button (either on the left or on the top section) and wait for a few seconds as your deck is parsed. If your deck has any mistakes or is not legal for your chosen format then you will get a message saying so.

Once your deck is legal, you will be redirected to your new deck page!