Uploading a Deck File
A convenient way to quickly upload your decks is by uploading deck files from your computer using your favorite dueling simulator!

Navigating to the Upload Page

To upload a deck file, click the 'Decks' tab in the navigation bar and then click 'Upload Deck File.' You must be logged in and have registered your account to do this.

Uploading Deck File

The first option you have is to select your dueling simulator. Then you must choose your deck file.

The location of your deck file is dependent on the simulator you use, but a common location for YGOPro/DevPro is the following location. Decks will be stored in a .ydk format.


Once you have selected your deck, click upload. You will be taken to the Build Deck page which has now been populated with your uploaded deck. If you are unfamiliar with the Build Deck page please read the help document about Building a Deck.

Also, please note not all cards may have been converted. Due to the way YGOPro stores cards, some cards with alternate artworks may not show up.